Expresia „ciuma roșie” a fost lansată de ideologul și liderul nazist Joseph Goebbels, care folosea „rote Pest” ca descriere pentru formațiunile de stânga, în speță comuniste. Așteptăm cu interes reacția fundațiilor politice germane reprezentate la București și poate chiar a instituțiilor cu atribuții în combaterea și promovarea simbolurilor naziste. Protestăm, combatem dar chiar cu sloganuri folosite de mana dreapta a lui Hitler?

„The SA did what was required of it and rounded up as many communists as they could find – nearly 4000 people. “Arrests upon arrests. Now the Red pest is being thoroughly rooted out.” (Goebbels) As with nearly all that they did, the Nazis tried to put a legal gloss over what was being done. The public was told that the communists had burned down the seat of government in Germany and that the police and the SA were doing all that they could to save the nation from unrest and catastrophe…”

C N Trueman „The Reichstag Fire of 1933″